IObit Malware Fighter 7 PRO

Full-round & Real-time Protection keeps your PC Away from Security Threats

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Double Protection keeps your PC stay away from Ransomware

  1. 1Blocks unsigned documents and programs attempting to access your system with the IObit Anti-ransomware Engine.
  2. 2Guarantees your important files not to be hacked by ransomware with Safe Box.
  3. 3Keeps your PC under protection and stay away from Ransomware attacks like WannaCry and Petya/GoldenEye.

Powerful Browser Protection

  • Keeps you away from phishing websites.
  • Prevents your browser homepage from being modified for any malicious use.
  • keeps you away from lots of annoying ads and clears those tracking cookies automatically.

Better & More Extensive Malware Protection with Much Larger Database

  • Detects over 200,000,000 malware precisely and removes them before they could do any harm to your PC.
  • Keeps your PC safe and you would never suffer data loss or identity theft.

See more benefits of IObit Malware Fighter PRO

IObit Malware FighterFree
IObit Malware FighterPRO
Guarantee a Safer PC
Basic anti-malware function
Unbeatable malware & virus protection with Bitdefender anti-virus engine
Basic real-time protection against malicious behavior
Comprehensive real-time protection for top PC security
Prevent ransomware attacks like WannaCry, NotPetya during boot process
Safeguard your camera against unauthorized access
Prevent virus infections carried by USB disks
Detect malicious process running in RAM
Detect threats by analyzing malicious actions
Up to 130% faster scan to target active threats quickly
Protects Personal Data
Stop ransomware attempting to encrypt your important files
No one can access to your personal data without password
Ensure Online Security
Automatically clean surfing trace to avoid malicious tracking
Anti-cryptocurrency mining & no pop-up ads for safer & cleaner browsing
Improved homepage & DNS protection
Optimum IObit Service
Auto update to the latest version
Free 24/7 technical support on demand
BUY NOW (Only $19.95)

See What Our Customers Say:

"The program uses two AV engines, its own and BitDefender, and seems to be effective against malware that cannot be detected by other similartools so it is good that it can run together with your standard AV software. It can detect a wide array of spyware, ransomware, adware, Trojans, worms, keyloggers and bots."